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Local Enjo Cleaning Lady Perth

Do you think it is the right time for a quality home or office cleaning? If you are looking for Perth local cleaning lady, then you have come to the right place. We provide a chemical-free and environmentally friendly way of cleaning your household. We use Enjo products which cleans deeper on the surface, leaving no toxic residuals.

Local Enjo Cleaning Lady Perth

Our Services

Domestic Cleans

We make sure that the environment at your household stays healthy and safe with our enhanced version of Enjo cleaning. As the saying goes, home sweet home. We are here to guarantee you that your household will be clean and hygienic with our process of eco-friendly easy cleaning. Get the best cleaning experience with us and never look back.

Vacate Cleaning

If you are planning to shift and vacate your household, you must keep the property clean and germ-free. With leasing agreements, you must make sure there is no scope of any error, and it should be clean and safe for children and pets. With our improved version of cleaning using Enjo products and only water, we assure you a tiptop cleaning service.

Rent Inspection

If you are moving in somewhere or renting a place to stay and want a robust, full inspection of the property, we are here. When it comes to inspecting rental properties before the customer moves in, we are extra careful with our cleaning process. You can trust us without any hassle when you want a rent inspection. Your safety is our priority.

Spring Clean

Spring Clean is a thorough cleaning process for your household. There is dust and dirt in places we often forget to check. We carry out detailed cleaning such as clearing out everything from your kitchen, bedrooms, laundry, bathrooms and more.

Builder’s Clean

Cleaning up after builders work at your place or nearby area is a daunting task. Fret not, as our trained professionals are expert at builder’s clean to make things as clear as before.