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Eco Friendly Home Cleaning

Fastidious Clean are Perth's leading green cleaners.

Eco Friendly Home Cleaning

Eco Friendly Home Cleaning

Going green is an important consideration in many areas of life, but green cleaning is about more than lowering your carbon footprint. Eco-friendly cleaning products and services are also non-toxic, helping to protect you and your family from the hazards of chemical cleaners.

Fastidious Clean is Perth's leading eco friendly home cleaning business. Find out how our experienced green cleaners can help you to get a better clean that won't risk your health and doesn't cost the Earth.

Why choose eco friendly home cleaning?

Even at a time when awareness of health and environmental issues is greater than ever, most cleaning companies and products are still based around toxic chemicals and unsustainable practices.

Environmentally-friendly cleaners offer an alternative that is:

Safer for your family

Bleach, ammonia and other common ingredients in chemical cleaners are toxic and can cause injuries or long-term health problems if they are ingested or their fumes are inhaled. This can be especially worrying if you have young children or curious pets.

Eco-friendly cleaning products use natural ingredients that are non-toxic and non-corrosive.

Better for the planet

The manufacture, use and disposal of non-biodegradable cleaning products harms the environment and can pollute waterways and surrounding ecosystems. Green cleaning companies are committed to minimising waste and other sustainable practices, and cleaning materials can be reused for longer.

Better for your home

Harsh chemicals can damage or alter the texture of some surfaces through exposure, such as grout between tiles. Natural cleaning products are water-based and won't damage your property as they clean.

More cost effective

Eco-friendly cleaning is more economical, as you don't have to buy specialised products for different cleaning needs. Results can also last for longer, so you won't have to restock so often or can save money on house cleaning services.

What we do

At Fastidious Clean, we are committed to providing you with an exceptional quality clean using natural, non-toxic and eco friendly home cleaning products. We use green ENJO products that are specially designed to loosen, dissolve and weaken dirt and can be reused throughout your home.

Contact our chem-free cleaning professionals if you need:

Why choose us for eco friendly home cleaning in Perth?

If you've been disappointed by cleaning companies before, or you want to try a greener cleaning solution, contact our team to discuss how we can help you and get an obligation-free quote.

  • Our safe and eco-friendly house cleaning services are kind to your home and its occupants, with no dangerous residue or bad odours to worry about.
  • We believe in using larger teams to get the job done faster, so we don't take more of your time than necessary even for a deep clean.
  • To prove our confidence in our cleaners and our techniques, we offer a money back guarantee on all our cleaning services.

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Call Rhonda on 0409 688 854 or request a quote for eco friendly home cleaning in all Perth metro areas.