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Green Cleaning Perth – The Fastidious Way

A sparkling clean home shouldn't cost the Earth. Fastidious Clean's green cleaning experts in Perth will leave your home clean, hygienic and free from odours using proven natural and non-toxic ENJO cleaning products. Learn why eco-friendly cleaning is better for your home and your family and get an obligation-free quote today.

Green Cleaning Perth – The Fastidious Way

Perth's green cleaning professionals

Choosing an eco-friendly cleaning service doesn't mean settling for inferior quality results. On the contrary, our green cleaners in Perth guarantee a meticulous clean without the harmful side effects associated with chemical cleaning products.To find out how Fastidious Clean can help you, call us now on 0409 688 854 or request a quote.

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What is green cleaning?

Green cleaning involves the use of natural cleaning products and eco-friendly principles to avoid the oftenharmful effects of traditional cleaning practices. This can include:

  • Avoiding toxic chemicals that can harm the environment and health
  • Choosing products from sustainable and ethical suppliers
  • Recycling waste wherever possible

At Fastidious Clean, we're passionate about the environment and the benefits of eco-friendly cleaning for homes. We also know that actions speak louder than words, which is why our local cleaning professionals love to demonstrate the effectiveness of green cleaning methods for superior results without the guilt.

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Our green cleaning products– ENJO cleaning Perth

Not all eco cleaning products are equally effective, which has contributed to the stigma around environmentally friendly cleaning methods in the past.Some products may also not be as sustainable or ethical as they claim.

Our green cleaners in Perth use high-quality ENJO cleaning products, with their patented microfibre technology that's proven to remove more bacteria than chemical cleaners and doesn't leave odours, allergens or irritants behind.

We're happy to provide details of the green cleaning products we'll use in your home so you can research the benefits for yourself and get ideas for restocking your own cleaning supplies.

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Why choose green cleaning in Perth?

Whether you're doing the job yourself or hiring a cleaning company to take it off your hands, there are many good reasons to consider eco-friendly cleaning. Even beyond the significant environmental benefits of avoiding harmful chemicals and practices, green cleaning is an all-round safer and more practical choice for domestic cleaning.

Safer for your family

Not having toxic chemicals in your home means your family won't be exposed to harmful fumes or burns from spills. This can be especially reassuring if you have children or curious pets.

Safer for your home

Natural cleaning products don't damage or stain surfaces such as grout as they clean. This helps to extend the life of your home and fittings.

Superior results

Contrary to common misconceptions, water-based cleaners such as ENJO products can remove more bacteria than chemical disinfectants, leaving your home cleaner and safer.

Easier to use

ENJO cleaning products require less elbow grease to get the job done effectively. You also won't have to wear gloves or other protectionor spend extra time rinsing away toxic chemicals afterwards.

Longer lasting

Surfaces cleaned with natural products won't attract dust and dirt like those cleaned with chemicals, so you might find you need to organise a clean less often.

Don't spread germs

ENJO cleaning products are designed for specific tasks, so you won't have to worry about bathroom germs spreading to other places.

What green cleaning services do you need?

At Fastidious Clean, our versatile eco cleaning services can help you with any task – from routine house cleaning to deep cleans and one-off jobs when you need your home to look its best. Some of the services we provide are:

Domestic cleans

Meticulous cleaning for your whole house on your preferred schedule, chemical free!

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Vacate cleans

Your bond will be in safe hands when you trust our green cleaning professionals.

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Spring cleans

Deep chem-free cleaning and decluttering to refresh your living space.

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Rent inspection cleans

Hassle-free cleaning when you need it to leave your rented property looking good as new.

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Builders cleans

A green clean-up after building and renovations to get your home picture perfect.

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What does green cleaning involve?

When you hire our green cleaners in Perth, you can expect a complete service that will leave your home as clean as it's ever beenusing the best natural cleaning products. Our full service includes:

  • Wet and dry dusting for all surfaces
  • Vacuuming under mats, rugs, cushions and furniture
  • Cleaning cupboards, drawers and shelves inside and out
  • Wet mopping of skirting boards
  • Detailed cleaning of grout and crevices in bathrooms
  • Outdoor cleaning, windows, appliances and other cleaning tasks on request
  • We provide all our own green cleaning supplies

Why choose our green cleaning specialists?

At Fastidious Clean, we go above and beyond with natural cleaning solutions to get your home looking its best, and we can also provide extra services on request.Whether it's your first time using a domestic cleaning service or you've been left unsatisfied by other companies in the past, we're committed to making a great impression– every time!

The Fastidious Cleaning Guarantee

  • Our green cleaning techniques won't leave stains or odours in your home
  • We won't scratch or dent your floors, furniture or other belongings
  • We clean under – not around!
  • We'll remove all dirt and debris – even crumbs
  • We'll wipe over and under everything on your kitchen bench
  • We can remove marks from light switches, walls and other surfaces as needed

Optional Extras

  • Internal and external window cleaning, including mullions, sills and flywires
  • Cleaning door and window tracks
  • Sweeping and cobweb removal for outdoor areas, including eaves, garages, patios and verandas
  • Whitewashing doors or skirting boards
  • Cleaning ovens, fridges and freezers – chemical and fume-free!

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